1. Start HERE
  2. Go Time feat. Kristoffer Eikrem, Metic, Webmoms
  3. Have A Nice Day feat. Kabwasa
  4. Checkerboard feat. LESKY
  5. Wait! feat. Jamel
  6. I Need Space feat. Austin Salter
  7. Waves
  8. Silver Linings (Interlude)
  9. We´ll Be Fine feat. JYN
  10. Upward Circles
  11. Back to START

With a special passion for funk and the vintage 70s sound, DYVN creates a unique retrofuturistic soundscape on this album. Instrumental jazz-influenced beats meet funky-alternative hip hop, velvety-sensual R&B and soul influenced pop as DYVN playfully blends it all together into a wild mixture and makes it all sound cohesive and captivating. But thats not all – the album features many guest vocalists from all over the world that helped shape the project and make it colourful and vibrant. Kabwasa with his smooth flow, Jamel with fast-paced delivery that instantly catches the ear, Austin Salter with his singing skills and silky voice and JYN who brings feel-good vibes with her bright voice and optimistic lyrics.

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