Mystic Blue

Jazzy Afro

Tea Session Mujo

All the fans of raw jazzy beats – today’s your day. We just released a full length album ‘Mystic Blue’ by Jazzy Afro and it’s amazing how fresh, exciting and captivating the good old jazzhop can sound.

Taking inspiration from many different sources, Jazzy Afro blends boombap sound, electronic production, lo-fi aesthetic, mixes in some elements of house music and invites us to embark on an extremely eventful adventure full of surprises. Relying on the classic hiphop technique of looped samples, Afro takes it to the next level with lush arrangements, abundance of creative ideas and his ability to tell a story within each track – we guarantee you won’t be bored for a second. Diverse, colorful and insanely well-crafted album and a gem for any instrumental hiphop connoisseur.


  1. Spectrum
  2. Blowin in the Mind
  3. Mystic Blue
  4. Karma
  5. Swingin N.I.C.E.
  6. MISTi
  7. God Bless Your Life
  8. No One To See
  9. Wild Flower (Dilla Seed)
  10. Vestige
  11. Underground Passage
  12. Warmth
  13. Lovin
  14. Song To Bliss
  15. One


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