Backyard View

Jost Esser


  1. Fresh Air
  2. Beautiful Rainy Day feat. Mozzie
  3. Stressless feat. Uevo
  4. Fireplace
  5. House By The Lake feat. Hoffy Beats
  6. Watching The Birds feat. Just Steezy Things
  7. New Chapter
  8. Light Breeze feat. MALIWA
  9. Barbecue feat. Saiko
  10. Sandbox feat. Screen Jazzmaster

Atmospheric and immersive sound, diverse and creative production, intricate multilayered arrangements, all done with impeccable style. Embracing a storytelling approach and teaming up with prolific chillhop producers, Jost Esser created beautifully unfolding, entertaining and exciting beats which, though packed with plenty of different instruments, sounds and moods, feel lightweight and easy to listen to.

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