Jazz is God

Maple Syrup

maple syrup - jazz is god

Inspired by several years of heavy digging through jazz of different eras, regions and styles, Maple Syrup created a cohesive beattape that celebrates the culture of jazzhop. Using techniques of both jazz and hip hop musicians such as syncopated drums, intricate polyrhythms or a sudden change of a key, the beatmaker links the two styles together even tighter. A lot of the material was made using the highly praised old school samplers: MPC 2000 and SP-404.


  1. Jazz Et Cetera
  2. Luv
  3. Stern Firm & Young
  4. Tandem feat. Spacekonsta
  5. Speak Low
  6. Jazzlude One
  7. Mountain
  8. In The Sky
  9. Illjazz feat. Kid Abstrakt
  10. Quietly
  11. Jazzlude Two
  12. Misty feat. Mood.Night
  13. Bebop
  14. Carousel
  15. Entracte
  16. Finale

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