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Tea Session Mujo

A year later after the successful ‘Jazz Is God’, a beat album dedicated to jazz, Maple Syrup unveils a sequel – ‘Nova’, a lush, creatively rich and eloquent tribute to bossa nova.

With the new album the producer goes deeper in exploration and crossing the genres – from the easy-listening summery tunes like Primavera and Cuíca to more of a darker and psychedelic vibe in Melodia, hypnotic sound of Capoeira and blasting primal dance tracks like Dança Da Chuva or A Lume. The abundance of creativity and musical ideas is off the charts here, and the nonchalant way in which Maple combines it all into one smooth and cohesive flow is amazing. With just half an hour of running time, you will go on an eventful, exciting tour to see how varied Brazilian music (and beat making) can be.


  1. Cante Comigo
  2. Primavera
  3. Alto
  4. Capoeira
  5. Colibri
  6. Náutica
  7. Mente
  8. Melodia
  9. Ilha
  10. Tudo Bem
  11. Vento
  12. Carnaval
  13. Dança Da Chuva
  14. Cuíca
  15. Um Ritmo
  16. A Lume
  17. Dunas
  18. Epílogo

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