Imbued With Jazz Vol.2


After releasing a vibrant and colorful ‘Imbued With Jazz’, RejSende blesses us with a sequel – and it’s as tasteful, versatile and eloquent as its predecessor💎

Fully embracing jazz in all its forms and colors, Rejsende created a highly diverse musical journey. Ranging from romantic and sentimental ballads to 90s hiphop inspired upbeat bops with lush smokey flavors, every track here is an ode to the aesthetics of jazz and its roots in hiphop. Get ready to be imbued with the essence of jazz, reimagined in a modern way.


  1. Jubilant
  2. Jazz Around The Clock feat. Lipoov & 93Alekk
  3. Question About Love
  4. Jazz Interlude
  5. Mellow Waves feat. Noe Mina
  6. Brooklyn Calling feat. VOLKHIN
  7. I Feel Her Vibrations

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