Imbued With Jazz


Tea Session Mujo

Heavily inspired by jazz-infused 90s hiphop and reworking it in a modern way, RejSende presents „Imbued With Jazz“ – an 8-track album packed with carefree feel-good vibes.

Combining jazz with hiphop isn’t a new idea but RejSende goes deeper than that and really embraces the jazzy side of things. From the upbeat bebop-like tunes to more mellow beats inspired by cool jazz, every track here is a colorful and vibrant ode to the genre and its aesthetics. Features with Viktor Minsky and VOLKHIN make this album even more perfect.


  1. Imbued With Jazz
  2. Street Performers
  3. Fresh Lemonade feat. VOLKHIN
  4. Laidback Style
  5. Bebop Fellas
  6. Blue Night feat. Viktor Minsky
  7. Chicago
  8. Nostalgia

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