[loops] 2



  1. {storm]
  2. [after me]
  3. [blue]
  4. [japan]
  5. [frozen]
  6. [miraj]
  7. [circles]

Dive into the sequel, ‘[loops] 2’ produces by the talented @sineg.music – an enchanting EP featuring seven classic jazzy lo-fi tracks, designed to be the perfect soundtrack for unwinding after a hectic day. Each composition exudes a mellow vibe and a calming ambiance, effortlessly immersing listeners in a realm of relaxation.

This project brilliantly showcases Sineg’s expertise in production and arrangement, as each track masterfully intertwines jazzy melodies, immersive textures, and gentle beats to evoke a spectrum of emotions, from deep introspection to pure bliss. ‘[loops] 2’ promises a mesmerizing and captivating listening journey, making it a must-listen for aficionados of classic jazz-infused lo-fi music.

Experience the enchantment of ‘[loops] 2’ now available on your preferred streaming platform.

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