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Tea Session Mujo

On a hot summer of 1987 a company named E-mu Systems made a machine that would change the hip hop landscape forever. The legendary, the one and only SP-1200 defined the sound of an entire generation of producers and quickly became every beat maker’s dream.

Used by well known beatsmiths such as Pete Rock, Madlib, Dj Premier, RZA, J Dilla and many more, the machine unleashed sampling potential never seen before and shaped the sound of the 90s hip hop known as the Golden Era.

Surrounded by myths and rumors, SP-1200 still maintains its legendary status. It became an expensive collector’s item and gathered a cult-following among hip hop and dance music producers.

This compilation showcases the work of 10 artists who use the sampler to this day and stay true to the classic sound. All the beats on the compilation were made using SP-1200.

Enjoy and keep it real.

Joint project with cultura records.


  1. Boora – Ritual
  2. KLIM – Watanabe
  3. Saiko – Sugar
  4. Herring Franky – Sour Joy
  5. Fortnight – Snake Eyes
  6. Misha – Sweet Love
  7. Loot Fattig – Sothnfoyomindz
  8. Loop.Holes – Break of Dawn
  9. Donnie on the Drums – Oceans of Time
  10. FunkyChild – SParkle

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