Me and Myself


Tea Session Mujo

If you’re looking for classic lo-fi sound, search no more – you’ve found a treasure right there. Laidback rhythms, fat drums, beautiful sample loops, creative effects, chill vibes – it’s all here, and it’s done with impeccable taste, style and knowledge. Taking inspiration from the godfathers of lo-fi hiphop, XXIII & Silvaa (who is actually the same person, hence the title) continue the legacy with a cohesive beattape ranging from relaxing jazzy jams to powerful neckbreakers.


  1. Magnifico Disastro
  2. Dream Garden
  3. Quantico
  4. Spedizione Amazonia
  5. Sublime
  6. Lievito di Birra
  7. Blue Lips
  8. Fondale Marino
  9. Long Island
  10. Vanilla
  11. Racoon
  12. Relaxation


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