from Side to Side

Zmeyev & Sceen Jazzmaster

Tea Session Mujo

Happy to introduce „From Side To Side“- a fresh, exciting and catchy blend of jazz and hip hop beats by Zmeyev and Screen Jazzmaster 

What can we say? When those two team up, you know it’s gonna be top quality. Beat to the beat, the producer duo captivates the listener with lush arrangements, skilful instrumentation and excellent taste for mood and vibe. An exciting and entertaining listen for any fan of jazzhop.


  1. Again
  2. Make It Through
  3. WorkinOnIt feat. n o r m a l
  4. Sensual/Seduction
  5. 5interlude
  6. First Glow feat. .Eehou
  7. Lantern
  8. Loverland
  9. Liquid Love
  10. Better Feels

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